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I’m excited to say my first iPad app is up and running!

It’s been a process. Or several processes, actually. The Adobe process, the Lerner process, and the Apple Developer process. Guess which one took the longest…

Journey into the Deep (the book) was released in the Fall, and was a joy to work on then. That’s good, since I basically re-did it for app purposes. There are so many fantastical-awesome-alien-looking sea critters in here, I never got tired of the images. As a print piece, they looked nice. Put them on a backlit screen, they look even better.

Here’s my favorite little critter in the book. Check out the eyes:

Making an app from a print book was an interesting thing—elements that work in books don’t necessarily add anything to an app. For instance, page numbers! I detailed some more about the app process in a post over on the Lerner Books blog.


Shameless plug: You can buy your own copy of the app here.

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