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Hello! I’m Danielle. Last name Carnito. Pronounced car-knee-toe. This blog is brought to you by a constant effort to merge my worlds of design and travel, with a healthy dose of art history and food included. Seeing new things, experiencing new places, understanding other cultures: these things are all important to creativity, learning, and human understanding.

I’m an art director and  graphic designer based in Minneapolis. I make things look good and make sense for a living. My full-time gig is making books at an independent children’s book publisher, my part-time gig is occasional freelance work for a select few around the Twin Cities. Lest you think I’m all business, in my spare time I’ve also been known to enjoy a couch-sitting tv marathon, porch-sitting wine-drinking eve with friends, or a good hike or ski or sometimes even run around a nearby wooded area.

Thanks for taking your time to look around my space, and please do leave a comment or send an e-mail if you feel so inclined!

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