civic america

The joy of the American road trip, in a Honda Civic.

Civic vs bison
Civic vs wild horses
Civic vs mudslide
Civic vs bees
Civic vs really big cloud
Civic vs bump in the road
Civic vs two people and all of their stuff
Who will triumph?

First Stop: Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota

Driving Day: through the Beartooth

Driving Day Continued: down from the top of the Beartooth

Second Stop: Yellowstone National Park, continued

Third Stop: Grand Teton National Park

Driving Day and Fourth Stop: through Utah to Zion National Park

An Entire Day at the Fourth Stop: Zion National Park

(Please bear with me here! This is a work in progress. I’ll eventually have each section in the graphic link to the story of that part of the trip… it’s just taking some time.)

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