spring cleaning, graphic designer style

graphic design blog, musings

The spring cleaning bug has hit me hard lately! Last week I cleaned my closets and ended up donating about 4 shopping bags worth of clothes. This week, I’ve started in on refreshing my own blog and identity pieces—they’re going to be lighter and cleaner than the previous version. See? Spring cleaning, graphic designer style. Stay tuned for that refresh, I’ll be posting it soon!

I’m also cleaning off my camera’s memory card. So I’ll leave you this evening with an outtake, which I’ve entitled ‘trial and error.’

I don’t normally title my photographs, I’ll reserve that for actual photographers, but this title stuck as it has twofold meaning.

One: I recently purchased a new camera much nicer than my old camera. It’s fun, but I’m still learning how to take night photographs. This picture was taken in Duluth last Saturday, when a couple of friends and I drove up on a whim to see the Northern Lights.

Two: The Northern Lights did not show. So, another trial and error. At least I had fun trying to capture Duluth city lights reflecting on the lake. Northern lights, of a sort.

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