game of logos

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Here’s a fun game! For those of you who like this kind of thing. Guess which are the old logos, guess which are the new logos. Bonus points for putting them in order of design, oldest to newest. Ready, Set, Go!

(Deadline 9-10-11. Why? Because it’s a fun date to have as a deadline.)

new imprint, new logo

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A new logo for an older publisher acquired by my publishing employer as a new imprint. The Darby Creek imprint is comprised of chapter books and YA easy to read fiction.

First, sketches, narrowed down some and scanned from my sketchbook:

I seem to remember being really excited about the electrical outlet version at this point, but the reason why escapes me. Reading is that spark of electricity to get the mind going, maybe?

Then I narrowed down the sketches, cleaned up a bit, and sent to all involved parties for input:

Favorites at this point were the fishing pole and the top script. More discussions followed, resulting in the winner:

Cover logo, spine logo, and title page logo are done. And it comes in white, too!

Here it is in use: