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The Bean, in Chicago.

Says my brother when we were walking up to the Bean: “Hey, that’s really reflective. It’d be interesting to go up close and take some pictures of your warped reflection.” Says me “Yep, you’re the first person to think of that… or maybe the millionth or so…” Brother seemed disappointed he wasn’t the first to think of this (as we walked up closer to the bean and the couple hundred people taking pictures of themselves in the reflection at that particular moment in time). This conversation quickly devolved into a Whovian discussion of how we really were the first and will travel back in time in the future to tell all of this fabulous idea, and so pleasant Carnito equilibrium was restored. Discussion stopped and photography started.

(To be fair to my brother, he’s not that oblivious. He lives in Europe and hasn’t been to downtown Chicago since the Bean made its appearance.)

The Bean really is a fun dream of photo composition play for a designer. However, with all of the people around, it’s hard to get a clean photo! There’s always another person or a bag or a shoe in there somewhere. You can only ask so many people to get out of your way…

And now you know what I look like, what my brother looks like, and that my hair isn’t the kind that does all that well in humid weather.

ADDENDUM 2.19.2012:

Brother apparently would like for it to be known that he really is that oblivious.
(but I still don’t really think he is)

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