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I’ve recently been working my way through the a couple of stacks of books I’ve designed, with the goal of photographing, archiving, and then donating the actual book. The stacks look like this right now, and this is probably 1/6th of the books I’ve worked on over the years:

All of these books become heavier and heavier to move it seems—and as I’ll probably be moving again in early 2013, lessening my book stacks by even a few seems like a grand idea.

There are many memories in these books. Here’s the first series I designed after starting at Lerner:

Fun thing is, I still like how these covers turned out. (The inside is a different story. This was a subset of an existing series of books—I didn’t get to fully redesign the inside. I claim no responsibility for how the inside looks. Or the logo.) This series design with bright, patterned backgrounds and multiple smaller knocked-out photos was really a departure from what the design norm was at the time in the company. I was the young new designer after all, had to make my mark. How long ago this was, I shall not admit.

Now that I look at these again and wax nostalgic, I may not be able to get rid of them after all. Phoo. Plans foiled.

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