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I have no reasons or excuses, just a statement. A couple of incredible vacations, a job role change, some freelance bits, and planning for a few future large events have kept me away from the blog for a bit. And may again in the future. But here I am for now to report on one of said incredible vacations. A place I’ve wanted to visit since I can remember (and I can remember things from about the age of 4) so this was a special trip for me. And if you think there are a lot of photos here, just be thankful I narrowed it down this much.

I can’t tell you how much I loved this trip. Not telling you where I went straight out, but hints accompany the pictures:


1) A national park with three very different ecosystems, this is one



2) me in my element



3) the element I am in, and the second ecosystem



4) tidepools are awesome, that is all.
(If it must be said… the sparkly vampires of pseudo-legend would not be allowed in this tidepool area)



5) third of the three ecosystems



6) Humpback tail! Here in the Sound I learned the continuous shooting function on my camera is very helpful in some circumstances. I also learned that a boat-full of people chanting “tail, tail, tail” is a bit disturbing.



7) not so much a hint as just a thought: I was afraid for this little inflatable whale-watching boat. The whales were MUCH MUCH larger than it.



8) humor in Belltown



9) how DOES he conform hot glass into such fantastic shapes?



10) Second of the three places I can remember tears welling up in my eyes for when seeing in person for the first time. No matter how much of a tourist trap.
(#1 was Busch Stadium in STL in ’93, #3 will be revealed in a later blog post)
(to be fair, anything in Montana does not count in this list)



11) one of the only times I’ve been on edge in a public-use space with lots of books. And I liked it.



12) Another long-awaited place to visit. I was much more fascinated by the outside than the inside being that I was more of a prog-metal snob than a grunge fan in the early ’90s… thanks for killing that musical movement, certain band whom I will not name.



13) A different music genre to alleviate the tension of #12: Banjo at a famous market, down the street from a famous coffee shop where I did not stand in line for coffee.



14) public art + sunset + mountains + bay, the components of this city are almost unfair to other cities. Granted, I was there during an incredibly odd & rare stretch of sunny weather.



15) ah… (and p.s., the butterfly is actually a kite)



16) (make your own picture for this caption) the seafood was amazing, and so were Tom Douglas & Co’s tomatoes. Seriously. I visited this area at just the perfect time, it seems. And can’t wait to go back.

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