Traveling back to book design

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Time to take a vacation from the travel posts for a bit (Yes, I was stuck on Hawaii for a while.) (And still may be.) to trek back into my world of book design. Here are a couple of posts I’ve done on the Lerner blog in fairly recent past, so journey on over there for a few why don’t you:

One, posted in April, regarding the cover design for Kara Storti’s Tripping Back Blue:


Two, posted on leap day, regarding what happens when picture book art arrives at the office. In this case focusing on Floyd Cooper’s art for A Spy Called James. Running and sharp blades take part:


And I’ve got this great idea for another post if I can just get those words out of my head into complete coherent sentences on paper.  (Amidst dreaming of new travel destinations.)

(cover image © Lerner Publishing Group, James artwork © Floyd Cooper)

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