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Again I promised, again I delivered. Vacation pictures are here. Not strictly design related I know, but this kind of thing is what recharges creative batteries and inspires.

Here are the places in the pictures, and you get to guess which is which. Because why be straightforward when it’s more fun this way? That’s right, my design blog is full of fun guessing games. In order of visit, but not necessarily the order of pictures:
1. Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota (2pics)
2. The Beartooth pass in Montana/Wyoming
3. Yellowstone mostly in Wyoming (2pics) (we avoided the grizzlies)
4. Grand Teton in Wyoming
5. Zion in Utah (2pics) (and no, I didn’t do Angel’s Landing. Next time. This time was just Hidden Canyon.)
6. Bryce Canyon in Utah (cloud to ground lightning here…be careful)
7. The drive on I70 from Bryce Canyon to Moab in Utah
8. Arches in Utah (2pics)
9. Canyonlands in Utah
10. New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado (employees here get a paid trip to Belgium for their 5th work year anniversary)
11. Rocky Mountain in Colorado (2pics)
12. The Badlands in South Dakota

Have fun matching up park and picture!

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