brochures are fun

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Why are brochures fun? My thoughts are these: they generally have a short lifespan, so you don’t have to worry about them looking to trendy and not holding up in time. They can be a chance to try a new technique or design idea. And even if you end up hating the result (admit it, that happens sometimes) you won’t have to live with it for long. But it’ll be there, in your file of past work, to look back on and laugh and chalk up to a learning experience.

Here’s a companion brochure to the IPS identity I posted earlier. I like this one, it was fun. I don’t look back on it and laugh. Instead I look back on it and think “Hey, can I do more collateral work with this identity?”

standing the test of time, mostly

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This is OLD. I still like it though. Are there things that could have been done better? Sure! But as a whole the look and feel fit the topic and it still makes me want to listen to music outdoors in my community, so it’s a success. I do like to remember this how it should have been—on a heavier uncoated paper that would give it more of a natural feel—than on the paper the printer used; a glossy lightweight stock. They donated the paper and printing though, so it’s hard to complain too much!