identity redux one

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And…here it is, new personal identity pieces. I’m much happier with the redo than with the original.

(There’s an invoice design too, just not shown here. That would have been too much white in the display. But, since this is an identity package, you can get a good idea of what it looks like based on the other pieces. Funny how that works.)

and finally,

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This may not be an ‘and finally’ to you, dear reader, but it is to me. I finally finished my own identity pieces. It hasn’t been a horrifically long time I suppose, but when things are hard to put together it seems to take forever.

Creating your own professional identity is tricky. You know yourself so well, how can you narrow yourself down to that One Simple Thing? You’re so much more than that! And of course THIS part of you is more important. Wait though, what about this other part? Yes, that’s you but is it professional design you? The next day you feel differently, then you want to strip everything down and just letterpress your name beautifully on a gorgeous card stock… in the end I did go with my name. Except with a bit of humor that takes a bit of thought. Or a rewarding realization. This is how I approach design after all, with careful thought, but also with some humor.

Below we have: digital letterhead, resumes (one header for the personal side, one header for the carkneetoe side, only one is shown), invoice, business card front and back with optional small mailing address label, cd label, and a few versions of stickers to use for CD sleeves, envelopes, and possible randomness.

I’m good and done with this for now. But part of the fun of being your own thing—you can revise at will. I’m also planning on doing a yearly update to everything. It’ll still be recognizable from year to year but will show progression in design. I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

brochures are fun

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Why are brochures fun? My thoughts are these: they generally have a short lifespan, so you don’t have to worry about them looking to trendy and not holding up in time. They can be a chance to try a new technique or design idea. And even if you end up hating the result (admit it, that happens sometimes) you won’t have to live with it for long. But it’ll be there, in your file of past work, to look back on and laugh and chalk up to a learning experience.

Here’s a companion brochure to the IPS identity I posted earlier. I like this one, it was fun. I don’t look back on it and laugh. Instead I look back on it and think “Hey, can I do more collateral work with this identity?”