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This one about foil stamps, embossing, debossing, and other things the general book reading public doesn’t know designers agonize over. Click on the pretty picture. Nothing bad will happen, I promise. (How could it go bad with words like emboss, deboss, and foil stamp? Those things are only used for good.)



graphic design blog

Here’s a book I’m proud to have been a part of. It tells of narrow-minded people and hate crimes thereof, intermixed with teenage questioning. And photography. This book—the confession—is written in the form of letters home from a young soldier before he leaves for a dangerous mission in Afghanistan. Which he volunteered for post-high school as to way to atone for, or forget, a hate crime he witnessed in small-town America. Whether or not he sends all of the letters is… well, I can’t give that away. I can say the cover design is born of that idea: the whole book sealed in an envelope, with postage not (or not yet) cancelled.